• Cindy O'Dea

Why a personal brand is important

Stand out from the crowd and create a professional brand for yourself

What makes you, you?

How do you create your personal brand to sell to employers to differentiate yourself from others and position yourself as the best person for the job?

What skills do you have that make you valuable to any employer?

Take some time to reflect on you and what skills and attributes you have to offer. These might be particular skills relevant to the industry you are job searching in or they may be skills that are called transferable skills – those that can be used in any job – such as good listening skills, customer service skills, conflict resolution skills, problem solving skills etc.

Sometimes it can be difficult to highlight what these skills are so ask other people what they think your best skills are. You might be pleasantly surprised at the variety and number of skills you have.

When you have this list of skills and talents you need to then be able to convey this to employers in your resume and cover letter.

We’ll look at these in my next posts about creating a cover letter and resume to stand out from the crowd.

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