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5 Top Tips when applying for a job

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

1. A professional looking resume

There are many examples of resumes online and much advice to be found. I have my own template that I share in my workshops but broadly speaking make sure

· it only use one font and one size throughout,

· has lots of white space,

· it doesn’t have spelling or grammatical errors,

· it isn’t too long (2 -3 pages maximum), and

· only includes relevant information (nobody wants to know your hobbies).

2. Personalise your cover letter, every single time

Take the opportunity to include a cover letter every time you submit an application as it can tell more about your story that a resume can’t. Always try and make time to research the company and who you are addressing the letter to and let them know, briefly, why they should hire you.

3. If you don’t have one already, it’s time you built a LinkedIn profile

Many employers look for prospective candidates on this platform and others will use this to check out candidates. Don’t want the competition to be visible when you aren’t! There is lots of information around about how to build your network and profile so get busy!

4. Keep your skills and knowledge up to date

Whether you’ve been in your career for years or you are just starting out or coming back from time out of the workforce, don’t rely on that knowledge you got at Uni or on your first job. If the jobs you typically apply for require ‘intermediate’ use of spreadsheets and it’s a while since you used one, find a free course or tutorial and upgrade your knowledge. Read some current literature on the topics that would be part of your new job or join some discussion groups on LinkedIn and see what people are discussing in your industry.

5. Make an effort at interviews

This is your chance to shine, whether it is face to face or via video conference, or even over the phone so dress for the occasion, brush your hair, and be generally tidy. First impressions really do count. Don’t be late but don’t be too early either. Always be nice to reception or whoever greets you and be interested. Have some questions ready for the interviewers.

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