August 14, 2017

July 8, 2016

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February 14, 2017

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The Recruitment Blues

August 14, 2017



How many times do you hear people say,  “Gosh,  I was just involved in a really great recruitment process”?  


Almost never, I’d bet!



But how many times do you hear people say,  “That was the worst recruitment process ever!”



“I never heard anything after I submitted my application - that company sucked”?


A LOT and that’s a shame because it isn’t that hard to keep people informed.


For me, a recruitment process is the beginning of a relationship with potential candidates and when I recruit, I want even those who don’t win the job to have a good experience and tell others that even though they didn’t win the job at least their application was acknowledged and they were advised they hadn’t made it to the next round of the process or they didn’t get the job.


After all, every person that has applied has bothered to set aside time and complete some type of application so I think that should be acknowledged. 


And when did applying for a job become so impersonal that ‘only shortlisted applicants will be notified?’ That sends a message that the rest of the applicants aren’t even worthy of a generic email! Sure, it’s a tough employment market at present and any job vacancy may get 100 or more applicants, but every one of those 100 is looking for a job and it’s tougher for them.


It isn’t like you have to send everyone an individual, hand written letter – software packages can take care of that for you.


Lots of employers forget about reputational risk in recruitment and think that treating people like a number, or not even engaging with them at all, doesn’t matter because there are another 100 applicants waiting in the wings to apply, but social media makes the world a small place now.  


It doesn’t take much to enhance your business reputation but it is hard to get back when you’ve lost it. Just think about any customer service you’ve had – if you’ve had great service, you might mention it to one or two people but if you’ve had bad service you tell everyone!


On the other hand, it is very satisfying to work with organisations who value candidates’ time and effort and keeps them informed of the recruitment process and it makes it easy to see that these organisations value the employer/employee relationship and want to start the connection off well.


See my other blog on the one way to be an exceptional employer of choice in the recruitment process.

Have you had a great recruitment experience you want to share?

What was the worst experience you've ever had? (without naming names, of course)



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