August 14, 2017

July 8, 2016

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February 14, 2017

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Is the perfect resume really just a 'Fantastic Beast'?

December 15, 2016



I had completed a massive project at work and was super proud of the achievements I had made both for myself and the company so instead of celebrating with a glass of bubbles, I went home and updated my resume…..


Said no one ever!!



Is there anyone who enjoys writing a resume or job application?   If you answered yes, please get in touch so I can chat further and learn your secrets.



If you’re like most people you probably put it put off until you absolutely need it  – quite often the day before their next job application is due to be lodged. 





What is it about updating your resume that isn’t enjoyable? Well, because you would rather celebrate an achievement by doing anything other than updating your resume, it becomes almost a chore to remember achievements and accomplishments later on, when you actually need them.



And all that formatting…… and trying to keep up with what recruiters truly want…..  it’s just hard work and so time consuming.



Now imagine how much more difficult it would be if you had to write your resume in a language that wasn’t your first language! How would you know what a resume should look like and would you know how to get help applying for jobs?



This is the kind of dilemma that people from diverse cultural backgrounds, now living in Australia and wanting to work, face every time they think about applying for a job. Imagine how hard it is then when English isn’t your first language and some jobs require cover letters, resumes or online job applications with over 20 scenarios to test your values and ethics. 









Native English speakers sometimes forget how difficult the language is and how the subtleties of spelling and pronunciation can be a trap for young players. You wouldn’t think the word ‘trip’, for example, would be difficult but tripping over and a vacation are worlds apart and both so commonly used. It could be the difference between getting a job and not…  



If you are searching for the ‘perfect’ candidate, it can be easy to overlook resumes and applications that are different because we often get so many applications. Sometimes it is good to stop and consider how difficult it is for people to conform to what we consider is the ‘perfect’ resume and cut people some slack.   



As we all strive for more diversity in our workplaces to increase our organisation’s competitiveness and reduce group-think, can I suggest that sometimes it would be good to take a step back, remember we were also starting out once and consider some ‘out of the box’ resumes? The resume may not be perfect but the person who wrote it just may be fantastic.




The personality, motivation and story behind that resume may change your views and workforce forever.






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