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July 8, 2016

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February 14, 2017

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April 20, 2015


Some of you may know that I was an official blogger for the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)  National Convention 2015 occurring in Melbourne 25 – 28 August.


It was a great opportunity and the blogs were on LinkedIn and on the AHRI 2015 Convention page.


Blog 1


The theme for the first one was to write about why I was excited to be going.






Cooee ……


Sometimes being an HR manager in the ‘burbs of Western Australia can be a lonely job. Sure, you have email networks of colleagues in your sector and other professionals gathered around you in your career. You also have networking events on HR issues with other like minded professionals but Perth is a pretty small place when it comes to these sorts of things and you are often networking with the same dedicated group who love to learn.


We don’t get very many national conferences or conventions coming to town though and the opportunities for professional development are limited if your organisational budgets are tight and you don’t necessarily have the resources to pay for these yourself.


 So when an opportunity presented itself to attend the National Convention for AHRI by blogging it was too good for me to resist. This is the ultimate annual experience for many HR professionals. AHRI is the peak professional development body for so many HR practitioners, and a convention conducted by AHRI is able to attract the local and international big guns to address us and bring together so many like minded people. This is an opportunity to learn from presenters, learn from others in similar roles and a chance to share your own knowledge and skills with a receptive and convivial crowd.


Sometimes the toughest part for many people at a convention though, is getting to know other people, especially if you are travelling alone. Networking isn’t everyone’s favourite thing but investing time in connecting with other people is just so important, especially when you’re from out of town.  I’m looking forward to personal and insightful conversations with other attendees – people like me in some ways but different as well.  We’ll be from many industries and sectors and whilst some issues will be different many will be exactly the same – whether it’s in a small, medium or large size companies – and that’s the fascinating and exciting part. This is where you realise you aren’t alone and that the people issues you have to deal with every day are the same for others so we can find solutions together, expand our networks, learn from each other and continue to call upon each other for assistance or just to chat, when the convention is just a memory. These interactions assist all our businesses in gathering and applying new knowledge for our workplaces.


This convention also presents the opportunity for me to grow as an individual and consider future opportunities within the HR profession. I’m at a crossroad in my career so during this convention I can take some time to think if I want to stay in my current role, what else might be out there for me, are there opportunities I’ve never considered, or am I actually living the dream?


I guess all will be revealed in the third week of August 2015 at the National AHRI Convention in Melbourne!


The author will be a guest of the AHRI National Convention and has been asked to write up their thoughts on the event.


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