14 Feb 2017

Want to make managing staff easier? Tired of not having the evidence when you need to discipline staff? Here's why you should take notes about conversations you have with your staff

30 Oct 2015

How happy are you in your job?

Apart from the winning lotto and leaving to dip your toes into the Mediterranean for all eternity scenario, have you ever considered just packing up your stuff and walking out of your job? I think when bad days strike at work all of us dre...

12 Sep 2015

This is a topic I like to talk about A LOT!!!  So many businesses get this wrong and it shouldn’t be that hard!


I’ve worked in a number of industries and sectors in my time and I’ve found that nearly always people are promoted to management positions on their technical...

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3 Reasons why Documenting your Conversations will make you a better Manager

February 14, 2017

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August 14, 2017