15 Dec 2016

Imagine how difficult it would be to write your resume in a language that wasn’t your first language! How would you know what a resume should look like and would you know how to get help applying for jobs?

26 Aug 2016

In a recent newsletter I received from Business Chicks, the CEO, Olivia Ruello, posed a question about whether or not a pregnant woman should disclose she is pregnant when interviewing for her dream job.

Great question but seriously, we haven’t come very far if we’re st...

29 Jun 2016

This is the third blog I've written for the AHRI National Convention on sessions I plan to attend. The original blog and those from other bloggers can be found here

At a broad level, diversity in the workplace refers to the variety of differences between people in an...

28 Nov 2015


December 3 is International Day of People with Disability and each year the UN announces a theme. The theme for 2015 is: “Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities”


Whilst it’s great to have a day of recognition, as a society...